Lowcountry Sourced

You won’t find a more creatively imagined and carefully curated farm-to-table experience than 1540 Room.

You won’t have to leave Savannah to experience worldly flavors and exotic delights. In the year 1540, DeSoto explored the Southeast during the peak of the spice trade, and our room pays tribute to this rich history. We carefully partner with Lowcountry partners to provide you with the freshest seasonal ingredients to inspire flavorful dishes for every palate. Finish it off with a unique collection of wines to complete the journey.

Foremost Stewards of the Land: Meet our Farming Partners

Southern Brothers Farm, Brunswick, GA

Southern Brothers Farms was started in the summer of 2017 in Brunswick Georgia. Since then, we have turned multiple biologically sterile suburban yards found in a neighborhood into thriving farms, while also taking extra steps to create much-needed productive wildlife habitat. Our goal is to provide high-quality healthy produce to the regionally local community by using organic bio-intensive sustainable farming practices. The biggest focus of our farm operations has been our gourmet mushrooms that are grown on sawdust and agricultural wastes in a controlled indoor setting. Learn more

COR Compost Savannah, GA

Their Mission: “Remedy a broken cycle and create nutrient dense living soil in the process! A Code Of Return”

COR Compost has been in operation in Savannah for a few years now providing a sustainable waste solution to landfills for consumers and businesses.  They can be found every weekend at the Forsyth Farmers Market collecting buckets of compostable waste from the residents of Savannah.  During the week they come to collect large bins from hotels and restaurants around town.  They have successfully composted hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste since their inception.  With their help, we have begun to divert waste to help provide for a healthier planet and a more sustainable future. Learn more

Gannon Organics, Savannah, GA

Gannon Organics, LLC. was founded by Brendan P. Gannon in December 2019. It is a sustainable and diversified farm serving Savannah, Ga.  He leases 4 acres from the Bethesda Academy where he grows crops organically.  All produce is grown with good old fashioned water, sun and soil. Brendan uses 100% organic methods to grow his produce. He buys seeds from several sources, all of which sell non-GMO and non-treated seeds. Brendan uses cover cropping and field rotation as means for a regenerative growing environment. Learn more

Billy’s Botanicals, Richmond Hill, GA

This farm was founded on the premise that the earth’s natural resources are dwindling as days pass.  With the ideal that our bodies are directly affected by what we put into them.  And with the understanding that when we consume pesticide-free & chemical-free foods, our bodies reward us with good health.  At Billy’s Botanicals we use the power of the sun, the purity of water, and the perfection of a controlled environment to produce a local, organic, & sustainably raised/harvested source for fresh fish, fruits, herbs, & vegetables.  Billy also has a state licensed seafood facility he utilizes to process fresh fish and clams from the shores of Georgia. Learn more

Vertu Farms: Savannah's Urban Farm, Savannah, GA

Located in Savannah’s Avondale neighborhood, Vertu Farm is a true urban farm. We grow on about 2 acres (including 2 high tunnels), and produce all our food using sustainable, no-till methods. We grow all our produce in soil and full, natural sunlight, and make extensive use of soil amendments such as compost and other certified organic fertilizers made from natural byproducts such as manure, fish, and kelp. Soil health is our first priority at Vertu Farm to provide the healthiest, most vibrant produce to our loyal customers. In 2020, we also began distributing products from our fellow farmers to more customers, and now offer a wide range of truly local grocery items for preorder through our website, or at our popup farmers’ markets on our farm. Learn more

Grow Food Carolina, Charleston, SC

Grow Food Carolina is part of the Costal Conservation League in Charleston South Carolina.  It is a resource for both local small farms and restaurants alike by providing a bridge between the two.  GrowFood officially opened its doors in 2011 at a warehouse in downtown Charleston. The hub has grown from marketing for 5 producers to more than 85, all in the state of South Carolina. GrowFood provides local farmers the sales, marketing, logistics, warehousing and distribution functions they need and that previously have been available only to large-scale industrial farms. Since its opening, GrowFood has returned almost $5.5 million to farmers. Learn more

Vital Mission Farms, Wadmalaw Island SC

Jeff Siewicki started Vital Mission Farm with a purpose to grow all natural healthy food in a responsible manner. The health and nutritional value of the food grown is just as important as the manner in which it was produced. He has followed nature as a model to design the farm as an ecosystem. The complex balance of plants, livestock, and animals allows for increased productivity on the same area of land without using fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. This interconnected relationship works like nature intended, and each part of the farm supports the other parts of the system to make a low-impact, nutrient recycling, diverse, life building community.  He is currently raising and supplying Ducks and duck eggs to Savannah every Saturday at the Forsyth Farmers Market. Learn more

920 Cattle Company, Millen, GA

920 Cattle was founded on September 20th, 2014 when Jarrod and Becca Creasy were married! Both grew up in the agriculture community and have deep roots in the livestock industry. Becca is an economist by education and Jarrod studied soil and animal sciences – and together they balance the unique needs of managing a first-generation family farm that has been built from scratch.  Aside from their daughter Finley, the farm raises Brangus and Hereford Cattle, Heritage cross-breed Pork, as well as Katahdins and Texel breed Lamb. Learn more