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Chef Collin Clemons

Growing up in the Midwest, I was blessed to have parents who were good cooks and impressed upon me the joy of eating a delicious meal with the people you love. As I grew older, I became interested in that wonderful ability of how food brings people together. I began my career at the American Culinary Federation as an apprentice of Chef David Wolf in Columbus, Ohio. After many years under his tutelage and earning an associate’s degree in hospitality management, I went on to work in hotels and restaurants across the country.

In New Orleans, I learned true, deep American culinary history and when someone says, “you put your foot in it” they’re paying homage to the cook. In Austin, I saw the beauty of the Texas Hill Country and learned the importance of a good brisket and tacos. In Minneapolis, I embraced winters, enjoyed Æbleskiver and journeyed north to the boundary waters. Most recently, I’ve found a home here in Savannah, where I have learned how bountiful the food is in Lowcountry. Being able to support the small farmers in the area has been tremendously rewarding. I can’t wait to share their food and stories with everyone who comes to dine with us in 1540 Room.